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Ranade Rd, Opposite, Dadar West, Gokul Niwas, Nakshatra Mall
022 2430 3...
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Tue-Sun: 10:00 — 21:30
Closing in 8 h 53 m
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Azad Boot House in Dadar, Mumbai, Clothing and shoes - Company Phone: 022 2430 3614, Adress: Ranade Rd, Opposite, Dadar West, Gokul Niwas, Nakshatra Mall.

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Client reviews
March 11, 2020
You can buy various branded shoes from here. On mapit will show you location inside nakshatra mall. But it is not in nakshatr mall. If you awe going from dadar station then you can find it on your right hand side.
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February 7, 2020
I wanted leather shoes.but sealesmen Sold me duplicate shoes as Genuine leather shoes. My shoes arent even 20 days old and its started loosing it's upapermost shinning layer. Duplicate peoples duplicate shoes.
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June 10, 2017
Located in Dadar Market Duplicate and cheap quality footwears sold at this place. They have some branded footwear also available on their shelfs but are expensive
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May 20, 2016
duplicate materials and 3rd class quality of product i suggest you don't buy anything from this shop
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